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Ask Vero - Favorite Food/Drink by VioletZero Ask Vero - Favorite Food/Drink :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 7 6 Ask Vero - Too Many Cakes by VioletZero
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Ask Vero - Too Many Cakes :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 13 6
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Ask Vero - Kaiju :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 17 2
Ask Vero - 1/2-Ton by VioletZero
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Ask Vero - 1/2-Ton :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 21 18
Ask Vero - Diets by VioletZero Ask Vero - Diets :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 18 2 Ask Vero - Superpowers by VioletZero Ask Vero - Superpowers :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 12 0 Commission Example Sheet by VioletZero Commission Example Sheet :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 10 3 Vero the Virgin Killer by VioletZero Vero the Virgin Killer :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 16 9 Ask Vero - Duel by VioletZero Ask Vero - Duel :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 6 1 Ask Vero - Nintendo Switch by VioletZero Ask Vero - Nintendo Switch :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 9 3 Ask Vero - Abilities by VioletZero Ask Vero - Abilities :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 6 0 Ask Vero - Fries by VioletZero Ask Vero - Fries :iconvioletzero:VioletZero 9 4
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NOSTALGIC ANIMU FUNTIME by AgentDax NOSTALGIC ANIMU FUNTIME :iconagentdax:AgentDax 169 14 [CM] Vero Vs Jellyfish by Primesui
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[CM] Vero Vs Jellyfish :iconprimesui:Primesui 299 12
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Request Livestream January :icondaemonking:DaemonKing 108 14
Request Stream Pics: 1.5.17 by Kreat-Like-Crete
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Request Stream Pics: 1.5.17 :iconkreat-like-crete:Kreat-Like-Crete 14 5
CMSN Stream 9-12-16 VioletZero by A0IISA
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CMSN Stream 9-12-16 VioletZero :icona0iisa:A0IISA 47 3
CM: Vero the fluffy cat by SongOfSwelling CM: Vero the fluffy cat :iconsongofswelling:SongOfSwelling 64 5 Stream 20161109 by LuckyBucket46 Stream 20161109 :iconluckybucket46:LuckyBucket46 79 4 ART TRADE: VeroNoe Kaiju by Kreat-Like-Crete ART TRADE: VeroNoe Kaiju :iconkreat-like-crete:Kreat-Like-Crete 48 2 Quadro Sketch by LakeHylia
Mature content
Quadro Sketch :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 287 7
Falling-On-Hard-Times by LakeHylia
Mature content
Falling-On-Hard-Times :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 338 13
Twisted Metal by kidchuckle Twisted Metal :iconkidchuckle:kidchuckle 664 240 Shirvio [trade with VioletZero] by Jyles-Jin Shirvio [trade with VioletZero] :iconjyles-jin:Jyles-Jin 53 9
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A shaded color picture.
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A flat-colored or monochrome picture.
A basic sketch.


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Copied/Chained from :iconthe-fun-police: / :iconmidori-muffin: / :iconslash-pseudo:

Comment here on this journal, I'll link your icon here and post my three favorites from your galleries. No need to post me in your journals as well if you decide to make one, but I'd really appreciate the word getting spread around~

1. :iconthe-fun-police:

Mature Content

Lemonade by The-Fun-Police

Mature Content

Don't talk to me or my mom by The-Fun-Police

Paper Pals by The-Fun-Police

2. :iconmidori-muffin:

You left the Tv on, Midori!(SSBBW, BUTTS.)
There were a few things that Midori simply never got used to, despite being designed for compatibility. A majority of them weren’t even related to her synthetic body, either- not the cables and wires that ran beneath the surface of her skin, nor her luminous eyes. Not even her constantly shifting dimensions served as a point of contention, they were all just things she had grown to live with.
Life had taken on a different structure, rather than being a messy web of thought and memories, Midori’s was more like a library with entire sections just locked off to her. Pockets of data in her mind that detailed every out of place follicle on someone’s head. There were no mistakes here, just gaps of nonexistence. She didn’t dream, just relive what had been done to her in the past-  the delineation between now and the past was increasingly vague. But still, no mistakes. Everything was in the right position, only a faulty start-up would give her any t

Mature Content

Mature Content

3. :iconslash-pseudo:

Angelique Hanswurst 2.0 by Slash-Pseudo

Selona by Slash-Pseudo

Epsilon by Slash-Pseudo

4. :iconshyguydudebuddy11:

Rong-ya, ning-yu, pi, and princess meilin by shyguydudebuddy11

Adult Ashley by shyguydudebuddy11

Pinky by shyguydudebuddy11

5: :iconnemesiszeru:

Splatter Height by NemesisZeru

A demon's training... by NemesisZeru

Lena Emblem by NemesisZeru

6. :icontherealyuma:

Lozen Looks Upon Her Enemy Colored by TheRealYuma

Req Lozen Kitsune Colored by TheRealYuma

Lozen - Xaxas Kingdom ProfileName: Lozen
Age: 23
Cup Size (letter only): E
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6' 00"
Personality: Kind, energetic
Favorite Color: Green
- Great physical strength
- Impressive agility
- Can use magic, though she is still learning to control her powers
Additional notes:
Living relatives: King Abner (adoptive father), Queen Cecelia (adoptive mother), Princess Kalysta (adoptive sister), Tallula (adoptive sister)
Friends: Princess Sammy
Back story: Lozen was born to a tribe, a tribe that was wiped out while she was a baby, and she was the only survivor. Orphaned, a king found her, took her in, and raised her as his own daughter. She has two sisters, both are younger than her. Despite this, they treat her like she's the younger sister since she often acts like it.
Lozen goes out hunting, trekking through the forests, and does other things that would be unbecoming of a princess. However, she does manage to keep up appearances, so th

7. :iconmarioblade64:

MarioBlade64's 10th Anniversary Wallpaper by MarioBlade64

Agent Blonde Shroom by MarioBlade64

Princess Pikasia Brand and Returning New Dress by MarioBlade64

8. :iconyeahshippo:

Mature Content

Iona's Birthday Blowup    The shop was bright with the bright white light of florescent lighting, and the emptiness only highlighted each step the mechanic of the shop that the owner, Iona took. Normally her daughter would be around to assist in taking inventory, but today was a school day so it was only the kitsune left to her own devices. She sighed at the silence, and cracked her back after all beyond inventory which could be done with Danielle, there was making sure everything was in working order which was too dangerous for a small child to be around. It was best to get a jump on that as soon as she could.
    Luck was on the side of Iona as barring a few machines that needed upkeep, nothing was in danger of breaking down. The yellow suited woman smiled at the stroke of good fortune. She then noticed a metallic glint out of the corner of her eye, and turned to it, a rather large helium tank stood on a high shelf. A small curse left her lips as another thing was added to the lis

Desert Djinn.     "Its hopeless" Demonia said landing on the ground. She had used the last of her strength to try to get an overhead view of the desert she was with another succubus, Bremon. The blond Demonia was exhausted it was obvious she wasn't going to go anywhere if things went on for any longer. "Just hold on we'll find something I know it" Bremon said trying to keep morale up, she was rather hoping that Demonia found some kind of Oasis in her flight up, but no luck.
    Suddenly something shiny hit her eye "What the hell is that?" Bremon said covering her eye. She wandered towards the object, it might have been anything to help them. Too small to see from above, but worst case scenario it was a coin dropped. Looking down it was a lamp. The two suddenly got excited "Its a genie's lamp!" They had something to help them get out of the desert that had tortured them for what felt like forever. The metal was hot but it didn't stop the excited rubbing from Bremon.

9. :iconmanler:

Boredom strikes again... by manler

Pin the tail on the...butt... by manler

The smallest reference (Zee). by manler
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